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Maintaining the trees on your property is not only important for aesthetic value but for safety as well. Dead or diseased trees can cause tremendous damage and are a liability for you and your neighbors.

Our fully licensed and insured tree removal services is available for any size tree on your property. Big or small we have the appropriate equipment to remove the entire tree and we also offer stump grinding to complete the service. In addition to removing the wood, we will clean up and haul away any left over debris.

Why Do I Need To Remove My Tree?

There are a number of things that can make it necessary to remove a tree from your property. From disease, to storm damage, to simply growing too close to your house or power lines, or maybe you just don’t want it any more. Trees that are damaged or growing in the wrong places can pose a serious danger to you and your property. If you suspect that a tree on your property is dangerous, contact Schmitt Tree Service & Landscaping and we will evaluate the tree and the location and determine the safest way to remove it.

What Is Needed To Remove A Tree?

It depends on the laws of the municipality. Some towns and cities have bylaws requiring permission to remove the trees of a certain type or size because they are protected species by the town or the state. However, most municipalities will make exceptions for dead, dying, or imminently hazardous trees. If you are unsure wether you need a permit to remove the tree on your property, Schmitt Tree Service & Landscaping will check and obtain any necessary permits and documents that are required.

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